Tasker Wallpapers 2023

Another year has passed, and new one just begun.


Here is a naw collection of Tasker themed wallpapers for your phone. I have made them for my¬† Xperia’s weird 21:9 (2520:1080) display, so most of you would have to crop them a bit:)

By the way, I have made and tried all the variants, but in the end, the TASK 2023 won.. the ZIP contains them all:)



Tasker logo .stp 3D models

As thru the time I made myself many 3D models, I decided to share some of them. Here are three different 3D models of the Tasker logo’s new design, all in one ZIP.

You can use any CAD viewer as the .stp or STEP file format is probably the most used format for 3D models worldwide. But for Android, there is only one app that offers hi-res rendering with exclusive lighting setups, including metal surface effects and many other features ussually found only in PC rendering software.Cad Assistant is the king of all CAD viewers , even tho the settings are really detailed,so a bit confusing on the first try. I am going to make some guides for that later for sure.